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Idea Remontit Oy is a full-service renovation contractor that was founded in the capital region in 2008 and has been in continuous daily operation for 14 years.


We implement high-quality renovation projects using proven methods, following good construction methods and standardized construction methods.


Our customers are private individuals, housing associations, insurance companies and interior designers.


The renovation can be done as a complete turnkey renovation, including all HVAC work (heating, water, ventilation and electrical).

From us customers get everything they need in renovation.

As a result of persistent and long-term work, we have been able to create a concept in which the quality and work output of our construction is equally commendable in every destination.


We are the most efficient, skilled and high-quality apartment renovator on the market.

Quality Handed down from Father to Son

A renovation well-done is at the heart of our company's ethos, and the cornerstone of our work is a satisfied customer, a top-class result, and work carried out sustainably from start to finish. The majority of our new commissions come to us from satisfied clients or via customer recommendations.


Our staff is comprised of the cream of the crop. Our leadership and installers work together as a team, and with daily interaction we achieve results beyond compare.


Throughout the whole project our management is at the client's disposal and can be easily reached by phone and other messaging channels. The manager's responsibility is to ensure the proper realisation and surety of the project with his presence.

Our managers have at least 25 years experience of interior renovations, and visits each and every work site on a daily basis, a practice with proven efficacy.

Our installers are personally qualified in waterproofing by Eurofins Oy. Materials we use are inspected and approved by Technical Research Centre of Finland Ltd (VTT). In addition, our staff undergoes regular training.


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A Smooth Process from Start to Finish:

Supervision raises the quality

Basd on our own experience, we believe that supervision increaases quality, which is why we have our own management visit each work site every day from Monday to Friday. Because of the careful, committed self-supervision of the contractors, the demands of the client, housing cooperative, and everybody involved are better taken care of.

Universal codes of conduct

We work in accordance with consumer protection laws as this is in both the clients' and the contractors' best interests. We adhere to the conditions of the general consumer contract RYS-9 1998. You can get better acquainted with the guidelines by clicking here (In Finnish). 

We are on the tax prepayment register, meaning that all of our work is tax deductable. We take care of tax and our other obligations, and you can find out more about our company's registration details  here (In Finnish).

Quality execution

The end result will be worth full marks in every category. Each part is carried out by the absolute best professionals in the field. We interview roughly 500 professionals a year, but only 1% of them are recruited onto our team. Every one of our installers and technicians present a work sample before commencing work. We build according to existing ordinances as well as good construction practices.

Effortless and reliable renovation mapping visit

We know as early as thge design stage which internal walls can and cannot be knocked down. Before demolition, our building designer will present us with a statement of confirmation, and the end result of the design is always within our capabilities to execute.

Raises the property value

Our renovations demonstrably raise the value of the property more than the cost of the renovation work. 

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Customer comments



"Our new sauna and bathroom are now finished, thank you! Thank you for exceptionally good work!" Janne, Espoo


"A fast, reliable company. A beautiful end result for the renovationo f my flat." Noora, Espoo


"Quick and professional" Jyri , Helsinki


"Good service. Everything went as promised." Jarmo, Helsinki


"10/10 for the home renovation. Recommended!" Mirva, Kauniainen


"The renovationo f my bathroom went smoothly and the new tiles are a sight for sore eyes." Henrik, Espoo


"A lively bunch of renovators. They gave me good-quality work. A different, positively surprising renovation service. They know their job! My recommendation!" Pia, Vantaa



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Renovation Funding

You can also get affordable renovation funding from us.


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