Sauna and Bathroom Renovations as a Package Deal on Request

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From us, you can g et everything a proper, expertly-designed bathroom renovation requires - from demolition work to installation of furnishings and final cleaming. In addition to refurbishing the bathroom, we often renovate saunas.

A bathroom renovation includes:

  • Initial visit and all-inclusive quote

  • Interior design and space planning 

  • Asbestos inspection

  • Acquisition of requisite permits

  • Building, plumbing, and electrics with necessary tools

  • Surfacing materials, furnishings, materials, and appliances

  • All work guaranteed for 24 months from date of completion. Products fully guaranteed by their producers, waterproofing guaranteed for 10 years

As an expert in renovating bathrooms, we know how to tke advantage of every last inch. The end result is a bright, practical bathroom refurbishment package employing solutions tailored to your tastes..


Our management is at the client's disposal for the whole length of the project, whether it be by phone or another channel of communication. 
Our managers have over 25 years experience in the field of renovations.

Our management visits each work site every working day in a tried-and-trusted method of quality assurance.


Our waterproofing installers are certified by the Tecnicl Research Centre of Finland LTD (VTT), and our materials are approved by the VTT. Our management hold wet-room supervisor certification granted by VTT.


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